selah / stop and listen / pause and think of that /  an unknown word / of a musical, liturgical nature

a los angeles art gallery / exploring contemplation and social action





Story of Homelessness

The process of the community curated, Gallery Book was at the creative core of Selah's mission to help support the downtown art community. For six months of the year Selah focused the theme of the gallery openings on a downtown social issue; the other six months, on a global issue. Upon the completion of each six month project, the artists work, the information gathered on each Chapter, and the community service projects that were performed in conjunction with the gallery openings, were collected and documented in book form. 





Iraq and L.A.


As the first chapter of the 6 month gallery series focusing on a global social issue, On Feb 26th, 2005, Selah hosted a dinner open to all artists, volunteers, and visionaries. It was at this gathering that the community collectively brainstormed and developed the concepts and possible projects for the next 5 art openings. Thanks to Selah's newly developed relationships with Amer and Layla, Iraqi-Americans dedicated to the arts, and Maysoon Salem Al-Damluji, Iraq's Deputy Minister of Culture, we were able to connect with an arts collective based in Iraq and subsequently sell (via projected images) two works from Iraqi artist Abdullah Ashaeb.



The Future of Art