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How Can I Pray For You?

the healing dimensions of prayer / prayer as a state entered into and left / a direction, intention / a form of creativity

Photos taken by Ara Howrani at the Art as Ritual conference held at the Detroit Institute of the Arts .


In "How Can I Pray for You", participants used colored masking tape on the floors of the DIA chart a path to 3 sites that expressed a pain that they had not been able to hold with words. The sites included places where they feel this pain, but also spaces in which they experience a sense of healing. After the paths to each of the sites had been drawn, the group reconvened and everyone found another person with whom they switched paths. Each person walked the path that had been created by their other and prayed for them along the way. What prayer looks like and means for each participant was their creative exploration of the question:

"How Can I Pray For You?"